Small Private Enterprise “FORMULA”

“FORMULA” – station for technical service & repair of nearly all vehicles in a world.
“FORMULA” – knowledge, experience, speed, quality.
“FORMULA” – highly qualified laborers with perennial experience.
“FORMULA” – vastly technical equipment with most updated computer diagnostics.
“FORMULA” – repairing by means of quality parts in superior repair of your auto.
“FORMULA” – experience in automotive racing and high performance servicing at international level.

Small Private Enterprise “FORMULA” has immense experience in servicing and repair of nearly all vehicles in a world.

An automobile is one of the most outright technical, packed with electrical innovations transportation devices today. It is not difficult to understand that repair and maintenance of such machine has to be on a high level. Enterprise “FORMULA” has the tools to answer all modern needs in automotive repair field – experience, knowledge, professionalism, speed and quality.

Only professionals in their field are able to repair and maintain a vehicle on a proper level. Repairmen at our service are highly qualified and have experience in auto repair on average of 20 years and more.

Availability of the newest and most updated technical equipment, repair tools and computer diagnostics provides us an ability to professionally service and repair automobiles of European, Asian & American manufacturing from 20th and 21st centuries.

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