Technical servicing & repair

Establishment “Formula” is equipped with high-technology attachments which gives the ability to service & repair modern vehicles of all makes & models on the highest level. All projects are done by qualified technicians whom are educated in the field of automotive industry and have significant experience. Our repair shop provides the following services in the field of technical servicing & repair:

  • service & repair of gasoline and diesel powered engines
  • service & repair of all engine systems & components
  • service & repair of all types of transmissions including automatic, mechanical, sequential, transversal, etc.
  • electrical components repair
  • service & repair of hydraulic and electronic brake components
  • service & repair all brands of suspensions
  • service & repair of differentials and transfer cases

Special diagrams are used during servicing & repairs for each car system and component. Designated professional tools and equipment are used for all jobs, which gives the ability to execute all projects diligently with speed and quality. As a result the vehicle can be safely utilized for an extended period of time.

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