Check engine

A popular “check engine” light may come up on a dashboard for numerous reasons, most certainly due to electrical minor glitches or serious computer malfunctions. There cannot be any guess work done especially with modern cars, where computers get more complicated with every year. The more complex cars get the more sensitive electrical components become. One glitch in a certain sensor may lead to improper readings sent to Powertrain Control Module (PCM), which in its turn may deliver improper signals to solenoids, and that may cause an array of problems. Only with proper knowledge & equipment can the problems be solved quickly and efficiently with any sensor and module that exist on any vehicle produced around the world.

A modern vehicle is electrically engineered in a way that every computer and microprocessor (ECM, Automatic Transmission, etc) must exchange information with other computers and microprocessors (ABS, DSC, ESP, etc) within the automobile through Controller Area Network. It is not only important that the correct information must be exchanged, but the appropriate amount of power must be given out from the charging system. If charging system will not distribute a proper, consistent amount of power at all times “false” or “invisible” codes may be given out, and “check engine” light turn illuminate. All these issues can be resolved by our experienced technicians.

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