Enterprise “Formula” diagnoses mechanical parts of automobiles as a whole and by system: engine, transmission, suspension, brake system, electric. Using the newest computer equipment, such as computer scanner IScan II and motor tester Vetronix MTS 5200, enterprise has the ability to thoughtfully diagnose

  • gasoline & diesel engines
  • starting system & fuel injection system
  • mechanical, automatic, sequential, transversal, continuous variation & electromagnetic clutch transmissions.
  • ABS brake systems
  • active safety systems – DBC, DSC, CBC, CBS, ETS, EPS, VSC, ESP, AHS, EDB, etc.
  • active power steering mechanism AFS
  • all types of suspensions
  • climate controls
  • air bag systems SRS
  • radio, stereo & GPS navigation systems
  • other systems

With help of Vetronix Noise Vibration Analyzer we can diagnose, find & analyze vibrations and excessive noises coming from the engine, transmission, suspension & wheels. The device is virtually unchangeable when it comes to pointing out the exact cause of even the slightest vibrations that could be coming out due to misbalanced wheels, misbalanced driveshaft, bent or worn out suspension parts. During vehicle movement the device measures and analyzes the readings taken from magnetic vibration sensor and a microphone.

Electronic Brake Fluid Tester measures amount of moisture within brake fluid & degree of dirt.

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