Brakes maintenance & repair

Brakes must be serviced or repaired on every vehicle at some point of its lifetime.
Anyone who is remotely familiar with brake mechanisms may know an easy way for a quick fix: unscrew a support bracket, throw out old pads, slap new ones, job done. However, effectiveness and integrity of the braking mechanism as a whole is now compromised.

Formula is offering brake service from a full mechanical point of view. There are multiple parts and aspects that are checked: brake lines & hoses, thickness of brake rotors, corrosion level, disc out-of-round level and wear factor. This is the area where a rapid heat exchange occurs – kinetic energy is turned into heat energy.

Operation of brake mechanisms does not only depend workload of brake rotors & pads. Every moving part must be able to function without excessive restrictions of too much clearance. During brake service the following steps & measures are done:

  • Check for degree of dirtiness in brake fluid
  • Measure rotor run out/machine when necessary
  • Check rubber parts, seals, springs
  • Clean, using metal brush, brake support and brackets from corrosion
  • Lubricate wheel hub, brake disc contact points using Anti-Seize
  • Lubricate brake piston underneath cuffs using Hydraulic Brake Cylinder Assembly Fluid.
  • Lubricate brake pad guides, support bracket, piston contact points with Synthetic Brake & Caliper Grease.

Be attentive regarding your brakes! Your life and of those who surround you depends on them.

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